Rios Sets An Example

Marcus Rios

Elk Grove (Calif.) Cosumnes Oaks cornerback Marcus Rios stands out for more than just his play...

Elk Grove (Calif.) Cosumnes Oaks cornerback Marcus Rios (6-0, 165), is one of the premier cover corners in the country, and the star of his Cosumnes Oaks team

But where Rios has made the biggest impression isn't in the fledgling Cosumnes Oaks program or with Boise State fans, where he's committed.

It's at home, to a number of Foster kids that his family has took in over the years.

"Both of my parents were adopted so they made it something they wanted to do," said Rios. "When I was about 10 years old, my family started taking in Foster kids. That is a big part of our family. I love helping with kids and giving them something they never would have had. I love doing that."

Rios said that he estimates 20 children have at one point or another, lived at his house, and he and his twin sister, who's a top distance runner, have taken on the role of big brother and big sister.

"As a big brother, I know it's important to be a good role model and showing them the right things to do. I want to be supportive and help them anyway I can. It's a big responsibility but I know they need someone to support them and help them. We've had a lot of kids come in and I've always taken on the role of being a big brother," said Rios.

In a day and age when you read as much about the off-the-field transgressions of many athletes, Rios prefers to be a homebody, where he can play with the kids and be that example.

"I know I have a lot people watching so I do the best I can to be a big brother to them," said Rios. "Having them look up to me keeps me straight and narrow."

Rios is a quiet player off the field, though he's aggressive on it. He says that has been modeled from his parents.

"My family, my parents, have been pretty selfless and I'm a pretty quiet guy," said Rios. "I don't like to show off too much and don't like too much attention. I draw it on the field, but only there. At home, I give the kids my attention."

That includes helping them with school and teaching them the finer points of football.

"Some of them say they want to learn how to play and I'll teach them things but I really like to help them with their homework," said Rios. "And of course, I'm spreading the Boise State love to them."

It's that love that he has for the Broncos that has kept the four-star from being wooed by BCS schools who have offered, including a number of Pac-12 schools, and sticking to his commitment to the Broncos.

"I have a lot of pride in Boise State," said Rios. "At The Opening and Gridiron Kings, a lot of those guys were going to Alabama and LSU, and saying I should go to those types of schools but I'm just real happy with Boise State and I know it's a place I can fit in and be successful."

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