Pickin apart the Pack

Pickin apart the Pack

OK.. so now that things are back to normal in the WAC, (normal being the Bronco's continued dominance), we can get back down to the business of ruining visiting Coaches days. Pop Quiz campers.. which Coach in the WAC has the most history with Boise State, and thereby, the most Animosity toward Boise State? Ding Ding Ding.. if you guessed Chris Ault, the Lil' General himself, give yourself 10 points.

Chris Ault's Nevada Wolf Pack are coming to the Blue in the hopes of being the one's to knock the crown off the king. Well, to borrow a line from a famous "October" movie, "They will do everything possible to test us, but they will only test their own embarrassment."

Of course, things won't be all ice cream and roses for the Broncos on Saturday. Nevada comes in with their new hybrid offense, (The Pistol), and a lot more confidence and swagger than they've had in recent years. Nevada actually owns part of the WAC lead along with Boise State and Fresno. They've won on the Blue in the past, and they have a coach that would love nothing more than to leave Boise on a much more positive note than his last trip.. (when he left Boise at the half of yet another blow-out loss to begin drawing up ways to have former Vandal Coach Chris Tormey drawn and quartered.)

Ault fired Tormey and then took over the Head Coaching job for his 3rd stint as Coach. After more than 20 years with Nevada, and after being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, Ault decided Nevada needed some ‘new' blood, and started his reign by, "getting rid of some bad attitudes and some players who didn't fit into his philosophy" (direct quote from his bio)…

Hmm… so acting as the AD, he hires a Coach, he then fires that Coach, takes his job, and runs off his players with bad attitudes who didn't fit his philosophy… and THIS is Nevada's savior?


Hate him or.. well hate him.. there's no denying that the Lil' General has been successful. Only 2 losing seasons over his 20+ years as Coach of the Wolf Pack, and a bunch of Bronco Blow-outs throw in as well make pictures of Ault's face something we love to decorate our dartboards with.

I can already hear the chants starting up… "Ault.. Ault… Ault…"
Teams: Boise State  (Broncos) Nevada (Wolf Pack)
Records: 5-2 (3-0 WAC) 4-2 (3-0 WAC)
Wins of note: Bowling Green, Hawaii UNLV, LaTech.

Coach Bleu's 5 Keys to the game:

  1. Lay that Pistol down Babe.. 
    -- Nevada comes in with their half shotgun, half eye-brow raising formation known as the Pistol. Boise State needs to defense the advantages of the Pistol, and exploit the weaknesses that offense brings. Stops for loss should rise, but the short passing defense must be sharp to both the quick slants and the long ball. Pressure on the Pack's QB is essential.
  2. Gun the engine..
    -- Boise State needs to score early and often. This has been their trademark, but when you have an opening sustained drive for a TD against a team with a new coach that is struggling like Utah State, and it's newsworthy.. there's problems. No player on Nevada's team has ever been within a couple TD's of Boise State, let alone experienced a lead on the Broncos.. they need to remain that way after Saturday's game.
  3. Run with the Pack..
    -- Boise State has averaged 220 yards on the ground per game, the Broncos ran for 170 on Georgia.. but somehow they only manage 84 against USU, with most of that on 1 drive? I don't care if Nevada stacks the box, the square, the cube, and the 4-sided cardboard transportation facilitation device too.. no way the Broncos shouldn't go for over 200 on the ground. The Bronco's OLine is the best in the WAC, and with Pete and Jeff Cavender having some scores to settle with Reno.. what better way to accomplish it than by scoring.. often.
  4. Cap the pistol..
    -- Nevada has some weapons, no doubt. QB Jeff Rowe has 11 TD's on the season with only 4 INT's. BJ Mitchell has rushed for over 600 yards. (The closest Bronco has 340.) Nevada has 3 WR's with 250 yards or more, and 5 WR's in triple digit yardage, same as the Broncos. That depth is what has led to the Packs resurgence.. and what the Bronco defense must contain.

  5. Benedictine ‘em
    -- Ault… Ault… Ault… folks in Nampa should know the Nevada Coach's name by the end of the game!

Coach Bleu's Player Picks:  * watch for these players on Saturday
* Orlando Scandrick: Rarely have the Broncos had such a lightning rod for big plays, both for and against. Orlando will make 10 great plays, and then give up the long ball. Orlando has matured years over these 6 games.. but he needs to mature even more if the Broncos want to continue their reign over the WAC.
* Ian Johnson: Ian came in with a lot of hype and immediately made an impact, leading the Broncos in rushing for most of the first half of the Season.. however he was the forgotten man against Utah State. No reason has been given, or will likely be given, but one thing is for sure.. the Bronco rushing attack struggled at Utah State. Ian needs to come back hard against Nevada.
* Jerard Rabb: Much like Ian, Jerard came out of the chutes like gangbusters, but has slowed down with Drisan and Legedu's success. Rabb is one of the most talented players on the Bronco's squad and in big games, he needs to be big.

Thanks go out to Miss Cleo for her help in contacting the Coach!

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