From Unknown to Spotlight

From Unknown to Spotlight

James Smith, a senior from Colton High School, was unknown to many D1 schools at the beginning of last year. This all changed when he went to a sponsored combine camp. Now he is known across the nation by many schools. James states "Everything is wide open…I plan on taking all my trips."

James Smith, Monday, November 14, 2005. (Phone Interview)

Scout: How do you feel about all the attention?

Smith: "it's all new to me…because last year I wasn't really getting any attention like this year…this is the first year for all the attention…" James went on to say "It is because I went to the camps…and was doing good at the camps…just the past couple weeks…Colorado, Washington State, Nebraska, Arizona State…watched me play."

Scout: Where did you take your first recruiting trip?

Smith: "Just took a trip to Nevada Reno…it was nice….I talked to the teachers, coaches…I really talked to the coaches a lot…" He continued to say "I want to be in a program where I can play and fit in…I will know…when I take a trip…you can tell by how the coaches talk to you…they all tell you they want you…but you have to read into it…I can tell a lot from talking to coaches on the phone…"

Scout: What would you like to ‘major' in?

Smith: "I want to major in criminology because I like the law…sometimes I watch Court TV with my mom…it is interesting…so it is something I would like to do…I ask the coaches if they have a program."

Scout: Are you taking a trip to Boise State?

Smith: "Yeah…they're a good team… I am going out there on the (December) 9th…it is my second trip…I watched the Georgia and Fresno State games…I watched to see… how I could fit in…"

Scout: Tell me about your personality?

Smith: "I am a quiet guy…I don't really talk that much unless I know you…" James went on to talk about the recruiting process "It doesn't make me nervous…I don't talk too much…I just ask them (Coaches) questions…

Scout: What are some of your football goals?

Smith: "Just do the best I can so I can go to the league…" James went on to tell me about what he needs to improve his game, "I need to work on my explosion…I am doing cleans…squats…butt busters…to get better…My 40 at the camp was a 4.6…Right before Nike camp… I was practicing my 40 and I pull a muscle in my hip flexor…Right now I extend (running form) when I run…so for a long time I wasn't running as fast as I could…now that I extend…I can…"

Scout: Who are some of your favorite football players?

Smith: "Brock Marion, Deion Sanders…he doesn't really have it any more…Quentin Jammer, Champ Bailey are my favorites now…but Deion Sanders is my all time favorite…" James went on to tell me about how it will feel playing against people he sees on TV, "It is kinda weird that I am actually going to big school like that to play football…"

James is now in control of his destiny. It took only one camp for him to get noticed. He now has his pick of numerous schools and a bright future to look forward to.

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